DIY Artificial Grass: Common Mistakes To Avoid

Today we look at the common mistakes to avoid when installing artificial grass. Our many years of manufacturing synthetic turf and liaising with customers and professional installers puts us in prime position to offer the right advice. Installation guidelines are of course supplied with each order. And we even have a photo guide on our

DIY Artificial Grass: Importance Of Aftercare

Let’s talk about the importance of aftercare. Today being Halloween, we are undeniably into late autumn. Facing the onset of another British winter, we thought it was a good time to list some key points about caring for your artificial grass. Checking that your grass is in tip-top condition before the bad weather comes will

Surrey Artificial Grass Installation

This is a fantastic Surrey artificial grass installation. Being aware of artificial grass and its many benefits is one thing. But having the imagination to use it in a small garden is entirely another. But this was no problem for a Buzz Grass customer.  They made a fabulous job of it. Especially the way in which

Derbyshire Artificial Grass DIY Installation

There is nothing artificial about the green grass of the British countryside. It is natural in every sense with the weather of course playing an important part. Our fair share of rain throughout the year, whilst it has its drawbacks, at least nurtures the grass and greenery of our landscape. The National Parks of England