Beat Hay Fever This Summer With Artificial Grass

Looking forward to summer? Unfortunately not all of us are. Hay fever is a common problem in the UK. According to statistics from the BBC, there are about 9 million people in Britain who currently struggle to cope with the effects of ‘Hay Fever’. It’s an allergic reaction to pollen in the air. Tracking down the

Artificial Grass for Dogs

Why artificial grass for dogs? Artificial grass can transform your life, of that we have no doubt. It removes the need to mow and maintain the lawn. And means having an all year round green that pleases the eye. Life changing experiences, however, are not just restricted to people … pets too deserve a good

Artificial Grass at the Airport

We’re looking at artificial grass at the airport. Artificial grass has many uses and we have covered a multitude of those in our blog over the years. Today, however, we have something new and exciting to share with you! On Display Through our network of artificial grass distributors, we serviced a contract for a special