How to Encourage Bees into Your Garden

A United Kingdom without different varieties of bees is a scary thought. Not only because they wouldn’t be able to pollinate the beautiful flowers we house in our gardens, but because it’s estimated that a third of our regular diet would be affected. There would be massive crop failures across the country. It’s no secret

Environmental Benefits of Artificial Grass

There has never been a more important time in the history of the world for environmental concern. The scale of damage to our environment from human-generated activities is at an all time high. Now more than ever before people are aware of the damage caused by carbon dioxide emissions and pollution. They see the effects

Even The Fish Like Artificial Grass

We have written before about pets and artificial grass and how it can be beneficial for them – from dogs being able to run around and play in the garden in winter without getting muddy and bringing all the dirt indoors to how exotic pets such as lizards can enjoy a nice vivarium grass interior

Pesticides: The Birds & The Bees

We have touched on the subject of pesticides because of the potential hazard they pose to human health and the environment and there is no doubt that many people are now turning to artificial grass as a preferred alternative to real grass just so that they can avoid using pesticides on their lawn. That is