Beat Hay Fever This Summer With Artificial Grass

Looking forward to summer? Unfortunately not all of us are. Hay fever is a common problem in the UK. According to statistics from the BBC, there are about 9 million people in Britain who currently struggle to cope with the effects of ‘Hay Fever’. It’s an allergic reaction to pollen in the air. Tracking down the

Vivarium Grass

Today we thought we would cover one of the more unusual but increasingly popular uses of fake grass – for reptiles. Over the last year we have received a surprising number of enquiries from owners of snakes and lizards in search of some type of lining for their tanks, and this vivarium grass is perfect.

Artificial Grass for Chickens

This week we’re looking at artificial grass for chickens! Two of the benefits of artificial grass that we have talked about before are how it can help us care for the environment (saving on water and pesticides). And how it can be good for animals (dog runs and kennels). Well it seems that one large