Do I need to use Geotextiles when fitting Artificial Grass?

What are Geotextiles? Geotextiles are permeable fabrics. They are made from synthetic fibres, and appear woven, needle punched or non-woven (heat bonded). When installing artificial grass, the geotextile layer is an essential part of the process. It is placed under the turf to control weed growth and deter worms. Rain can still filter through the

How to Revamp Your Garden in One Weekend

British people are busy. We work such long hours that our nation has been dubbed ‘Burnout Britain’. But everyone needs a little downtime and rest. You could take up yoga, meditation, running – or just pick up a spade. There are many health benefits to having a garden, and working it. It’s as good for

Natural Grass vs Artificial Turf

If you’re considering ‘spruce’-ing up your garden slightly, then you’re no doubt considering the varying makeover options available to you by flicking through pictures of garden inspiration and adding items to a mental wish list. After all, there’s a whole host of exciting things to consider when giving your front or back yard a refresh.

DIY Artificial Grass: Common Mistakes To Avoid

Today we look at the common mistakes to avoid when installing artificial grass. Our many years of manufacturing synthetic turf and liaising with customers and professional installers puts us in prime position to offer the right advice. Installation guidelines are of course supplied with each order. And we even have a photo guide on our

DIY Artificial Grass – Choosing Artificial Grass

Here we look at choosing artificial grass for a DIY artificial grass installation. Without doubt, DIY plays an important part in many people’s lives. We see that first hand here at our artificial grass factory. We get calls and emails every day from customers wanting to discuss the option of a DIY installation of our

Laying Artificial Grass On Concrete

We have seen artificial grass laid on top of a variety of surfaces. Today we would like to talk a little about laying artificial grass on concrete. Here are a few tips which could help you substantially. 1. Surface Levels Check how level the concrete isIdeally it will slope gently so that rainwater will run

Artificial Grass Roof Garden

Grass gives a lot of pleasure to people, particularly in the summer months but what if you don’t have a garden? Well, if you have access to some sort of roof space the answer is to create your own green, artificial grass terrace. You might be in a top floor apartment with direct access to

DIY Artificial Grass: Importance Of Aftercare

Let’s talk about the importance of aftercare. Today being Halloween, we are undeniably into late autumn. Facing the onset of another British winter, we thought it was a good time to list some key points about caring for your artificial grass. Checking that your grass is in tip-top condition before the bad weather comes will

DIY Artificial Grass: The Right Tools for The Job

Meet your essential installation tools for artificial grass. Having purchased your artificial grass from us you will be naturally keen to install it as quickly as possible. However, before you can start to think of those no-need-to-mow days that lie ahead, you need to ensure that your installation is done the right way. Today we