10 Reasons to Choose Plastic Grass

It is more popular than ever, but some may hesitate about making the switch to plastic grass. We’ve put together a list of ten reasons to choose plastic grass – instead of peat, mulch, tarmac or concrete. 1. Great for Playgrounds Soft, springy plastic grass is an ideal choice for outdoor playgrounds. It is quickly

Artificial Grass On Decking

Is your decking looking a little tired and worn after winter? Well, you can spend hours cleaning, treating and staining your decking. Or you can look at other options. One is to cover your sad looking deck with artificial grass. It’s a durable, high quality solution that looks great. Below, we answer some of your

Uses for Artificial Grass

Gardens without grass: an unthinkable idea! But our artificial grass can make your life so much easier. A perfectly British lawn to admire and use without hassle. There are many uses for artificial grass. Instead of paving your seating area, why not cover it with artificial grass? You will have a durable area on which

Artificial Grass at the Airport

We’re looking at artificial grass at the airport. Artificial grass has many uses and we have covered a multitude of those in our blog over the years. Today, however, we have something new and exciting to share with you! On Display Through our network of artificial grass distributors, we serviced a contract for a special