Beat Hay Fever This Summer With Artificial Grass

Looking forward to summer? Unfortunately not all of us are. Hay fever is a common problem in the UK. According to statistics from the BBC, there are about 9 million people in Britain who currently struggle to cope with the effects of ‘Hay Fever’. It’s an allergic reaction to pollen in the air. Tracking down the

Save Water With Artificial Grass

Why is it important to save water? Well, the impact of global warming is brought home to us every day from different sources within the media. The Daily Express special feature on how artificial grass in the garden can combat drought problems is a good example. And recent feedback from our own artificial grass customers

Mowing The Grass – A Dangerous Pursuit?

It’s still winter here in the UK with heavy snow in most areas. But it won’t be long before people start thinking of mowing the grass. Before you do so, this might be a good time to reflect on whether you should have an artificial grass lawn installed. ”Why?” you might ask. Well- artificial grass

Pesticides: The Birds & The Bees

We have touched on the subject of pesticides because of the potential hazard they pose to human health and the environment and there is no doubt that many people are now turning to artificial grass as a preferred alternative to real grass just so that they can avoid using pesticides on their lawn. That is