Here at BuzzGrass, we have a dedicated team with years of experience in the manufacturing of artificial turf. As a result, we are proud to offer you the highest-quality product to meet your specific requirements.
Synthetic grass produced in our factory all come with a 10 year guarantee. This is testament to the knowledge and quality-control measures practised by our staff. Our team also produce synthetic turf for internationally accredited football, rugby and hockey federations so we understand the high standard that artificial grass demands.
Each one of our plastic grass products comes with a decade-long warranty, regardless of pile-height, style or colour. All artificial turf offered by BuzzGrass is durable, soft and realistic.

Our artificial grass promise

We promise your artificial grass will look great all year round and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. You can view some of the different uses of our artificial grass in our inspiration gallery.
Our artificial grass won’t dry or harden during the summer, get muddy and worn in Winter, fade in the sunlight or wither in the shade. It’s a gardener’s best kept secret.
For indoor use, our synthetic grass won’t tear under weight of furniture, discolour with spillages or crack underfoot, it’s floor that looks after itself.

10 year warranty
All BuzzGrass artificial grass comes with a 10 year warranty

How to maintain our artificial grass

Of course, there are measures that we advise you to take to keep your artificial grass looking aesthetically pleasing throughout your warranty period. There may be instances where your fake grass requires leaves or other debris to be removed. You can simply brush, sweep or even hoover your artificial grass, it’s as simple as wiping a countertop.
Many customers enquire about how artificial grass handles pets and their habits if any ‘mess’ is made. Due to it’s durable nature, hot water and mild detergent is all you need to make it look like nothing had ever happened.
Our BuzzGrass products require no mowing, strimming or weeding so you can spend your extra time relaxing focusing on other parts of the garden, with the knowledge that you are fueling the UK manufacturing industry. No weeding, mowing or extra watering means you are saving money on products and not using harmful pesticides in your garden.
For more information and commonly asked questions about the cleaning and maintenance of our artificial grass, please visit our FAQ page.
Order your artificial grass from us today and let us use our knowledge and experience to help you with your desired project, all packaged with a 10 year BuzzGrass warranty. If you would like to speak to one of our experts about purchasing artificial grass and finding out the right grass for you, then do not hesitate to contact us today.