Are you looking for family garden ideas? We can recommend a product that will reduce maintenance, be safe and enjoyable for your children and pets.

The perfect family garden features artificial grass for children. So why is the Buzz range child friendly?

It Looks Great

Family Friendly Artificial Grass


Well, this family friendly artificial grass is soft and realistic, with good drainage. It looks great all year round and eliminates the usual weather problems. No more churned mud in winter or hard, cracked earth in the Summer droughts. Artificial grass stays neat and even, is perfect for pets and never gets the waterlogged, discoloured aspect of regular grass.

Our grass has a soft, luxurious feel to it, with a natural looking variegated colour to it. Buzz Elite in particular is perfect for families; the soft yarn used to make the grass also ensures it is particularly suitable for children and pets to play on.

Best of all, it’s very low maintenance for busy parents.

Practical and Low Maintenance

Gardens are wonderful, but take a lot of work. Do you have the time? Most of us are busy; with work, hobbies, commitments and kids. After a long week, do you want to spend the weekend maintaining your lawn? Or enjoying your family?

Design, landscaping and maintenance all go into a beautiful garden. Once your garden is designed and landscaped, maintenance is an ongoing task.

Synthetic grass is perfect for a great looking lawn and an easy life. It eliminates the need for watering, mowing and re-growing. No more re-seeding every spring, or patchy, overgrown lawns.

It’s also easily cleaned if you have very little ones, or pets playing in the garden.

Safe and Fun

One of the great things about artificial grass is that it is soft and springy, especially with a high quality underlayer. This makes it safer for falls, with less scraped knees and tears. It combines this softness with incredible durability. It can stand up to running, football games, and tumbles. This makes it popular in playgrounds and schools.

No pesticides or fertilisers are required for synthetic turf, making your garden less toxic, and safer for children and pets. You won’t have to keep the kids in to keep them safe. It is also hypoallergenic, making life easier and happier for any children with summer allergies or asthma. If any pollen does drift onto your synthetic lawn, you can simply wash it down.

Artificial grass is the ideal play surface for young children. So, if you’d like a safe, low maintenance family garden solution, get in touch for a quote on artificial grass today!