Artificial Grass Bundle
From: £737.80

Medium Space Bundle

From: £737.80

Ideal for medium gardens 4m x 10m (40m²)

If you want to ensure you have enough grass for your space (that is under 4m by 10m), choose this bundle. 40 square metres of your choice of artificial grass, geotextile layer and cushioning pad is included in this bundle, which makes it ideal for medium-sized spaces, whether they be gardens, landscaped areas or indoor spaces, of 4m x 10m (40m²). Plus this is a discount of 15% off the RRP, so very good value for you too!

Bundle includes:
  • Artificial Turf (4m x 10m)
  • Geotextile Layer (4m x 10m)
  • Performance Pad (4m x 10m x 10mm)
string(5) "Grass"
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